Let us cool your sows

Nova Feeds introduces the
Innovative Porci Feed Solution:

An integrated, innovative feed solution that accommodates seasonal influence and critically adapts sow metabolism to the most efficient under all temperature conditions.

Together with Porci Winter, we now introduce Porci Summer Range, consisting of Porcilac Cooler and PorciSow Cooler. An innovative blend of nutritional science, essential oils and endotoxin control.

Our solution:

1. Is forward focused
Addressing the needs of increased summer temperatures

2. Improves wean weight
Trials indicate 14% growth*

3. Lowers core temperature
Trials indicate a reduction of 1ºC*

4. Improves mortality rate
2,8% reduction in deaths*

5. Increases ROI
15:1 return on control diet

Porcilac Cooler

  • Improve feed intake
  • Improve milk production
  • Better breathing comfort
  • Reduce weight loss
  • Restores electrolyte balance
  • Better reconception
  • Endotoxin control

Porcisow Cooler

  • Reduce in utero heat stress
  • Better breathing comfort
  • Decreased embryonic resorption
  • Restores electrolyte balance
  • Reduce effect of heat stress on progeny carcass quality

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